"This laptop skin your team created looks incredible in person!  As a professional DJ I wanted to brand myself in a way that sets me apart from looking like the average.  When using the light feature the brightness is just right, not too much or too little for the environments I'll be in. I like the fact that there are different modes settings from solid light, blinking to sound active I can choose to use which is great.  I just used the solid light which was appropriate for this weekend's event. The cut of the skin fit perfectly on the laptop, it appears as though the laptop was custom built that way.  This investment was worth every penny and I'm glad your company appeared when I Google'd "light up laptop logo".  Excellent customer service when we communicated through email and phone which gave me the confidence to put my order through with your company."   

~DJ Gregory

DJ Rose Red 1.PNG

"Major thank you to Dave at LumaSkins for my new laptop cover! 😍 I absolutely LOVE it! Dave was amazing to work with! Such amazing customer service and fast delivery! I 100% recommend them!"

-DJ Rose Red

DJ Strongarm1.jpg

"Yeah, yeah, yeah lumaskins hooked me up with my light up laptop skin, I get asked about all the time, it's a great show peice, thanks lumaskins for doing such a great job with my laptop skin!!!!

-DJ Strong Arm

DJ Mello E.jpg

"It was a gift and he loved it! He [DJ Mello-E] has been getting a lot of compliments and we’ve been sending them your way."



We The Best.jpg

"My friends @LumaSkins really did the damn job. I've had it for a while now and it still looks brand new"

-DJ Mix Kidd 

Mosquito cove.jpg

"Got it and I love it! This is a fantastic piece of art. I don't usually use a laptop for my gigs, but, I'm breaking it out Wednesday for my Karaoke gig - just to show off ..."

-Frank A. (Mosquito Cove Digital Magic Ent.)