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Quality check

It's best to supply us with high resolution imagery, otherwise your LumaSkin will be built using what you

upload to our servers.

High Resolution = 300dpi or Higher at Full Scale

Check the image resolution of your art file


Black Backgrounds: 

We recommend black backgrounds for images because it allows your artwork/logo to stand out the best. It also blocks out any excessive light, and hides the electrical mechnique. So only your graphics will shine.

Image Transparency: 

If you are using Photoshop to create your art file. Do not merge your logo with the background. PNG files are common graphic that have no background, and are recommended. 

This image has

a background:

LumaSkins image checker

This image has

no background:


File Types

Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)

Embed the fonts or export generic .eps

Photoshop (.PSD)

Rasterize all layers

Portable Graphics Format (.PNG)
Transparent Background

Adobe Illustrator (.AI or .EPS)

Convert text to outlines. Embed any linked images

Color Mode

We make LumaSkins using RGB color mode. RGB looks

best because it provides brighter colors when illuminated

CMYK files submitted to us will be converted to RGB

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