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SuperSkins for Large Displays

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Lumaskins are available in three standard sizes.  Standard size Lumaskins

are designed  to fit 13", 15", and 16" Macbook Pro laptops.  

If you don't have a Macbook, we will custom size your Lumaskin to

fit whatever laptop you have. 

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Got a large display board to light up? We can customize a sign for you. 

main display 1.png

Standard size Lumaskins are designed to fit

13", 15", and 16" Macbook Pro laptops. Go to Specs 

If you don't have a Macbook, we will custom size

your Lumaskin to fit whatever laptop you have. 


Every Lumaskin comes with a three mode power inverter, with wall plug power supply. USB power is not available. 

You can control your Lumaskin by using

one of three mode functions;




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