Why a black background?

We use a black background because it is the best for making your colors pop either white, blue/green, or a full image with colors. It also has a strong solid background so none of the mechnique show through, and only you graphics take the spot light.

See Design Specs & Templates

No Background Transparency 

If you are using Photoshop to create your graphics, don't merge the background with your logo. Separate the background from your logo using layers.

PNG files are common graphic files with no background.

This image has no background

This image has a background


IF you have a vector, or a Png file please send those


Your file must be at least 300dpi or vector art. If your image is below 300dpi, please do not simply increase the resolution. This will result in a very blurry, pixelated image. Ideal  artwork will be 300dpi or higher at the size it will be printed.


We accept the following file types.


PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

• Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps

AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator)

• Convert text to outlines, embed any linked images

CDR (Corel Draw)

• Convert text to curves

PSD (Photoshop)

• Rasterize all layers

We create your Lumaskin using an RGB color mode.


RGB works best because it provides a brighter color when illuminated. Files sent in CMYK will automatically be converted to RGB.


Templates for Lumaskin design are available for download. 

We provide templates for 13", 15" and 17" Lumaskins in PSD and PDF formats. 

Visit our template download page


When images are taken from a website, they are typically 72dpi. This resolution is not high enough for printing purposes. You may also run into copyright restrictions when using web images and therefore we do not recommend using these in your artwork. The only exception would be if the image was purchased from a stock photo website at a large resolution.

We have resources available for you including fonts and clip-art that you can use for Lumaskin design.

Visit our resource page



LumaSkins does provide design services. We do ask that you please provide: the font you want, color, and any images you would like to have.

Laptop uploads: Please indicate the size, make, and model of your laptop in the message box

Large Display uploadsPlease indicate the width, height, and make of your display board

Having trouble uploading a file?

Let us know via e-mail at info@lumaskins.com 

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